Connecting Jedox Cloud Environment to On-premise SAP System

Jedox Production Cloud relies on public cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure.
When using Azure, the recommended setup for connecting the Jedox Production Cloud environment with an on-premise SAP system would look similar to Figure 1, as described in this Azure document:
Your cloud environment will be connected via VPN Gateway on the Jedox Cloud side to a VPN Gateway on your corporate side. The list of cryptographic requirements for the gateway on your side can be found here:
Some of the devices officially tested by Azure can be seen here: This is the recommended way of doing things when using Azure. Azure also supports ExpressRoute, i.e. “stretching cable from your office to Azure”.
Once a VPN connection between Jedox Production Cloud and an on-premise data center is established, one has to make sure the internal SAP system is reachable for the outside system. The following SAP document lists ports that are required to be open/accessible on the SAP side from an external—in this case Jedox—system:  In our case, “External Ports” and the first 3 entries are relevant.
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