Configuring the Text Metrics Engine


The spreadsheets in Jedox Web can set the width of a column or the height of a row automatically, depending on the maximum size of the content in them. The size is also influenced by the length of the text and font size, style, and type.

The actual required size is browser-dependent. Jedox Web automatically detects your browser and dynamically chooses one of several text metric engines that get the best auto-sizing results for the given browser.

If necessary, you can also enforce one of the available text metrics engines to be used in all cases, independent of the browser in use. This can be done by configuring the following item in font_config.xml of the Spreadsheet server:

<textmetric engine="direct2d" enforce="true">.

Parameter Description
textmetric engine The name of the engine that you want to use

Boolean. If set to true, the browser is ignored and the specified engine is always used.

The file is available in ...\Jedox\Jedox Suite\core

The following engines are available:

  • Skia
  • Direct2D (Windows only)
  • GDI (Windows only)

By default, the Skia engine is used as a fallback if the browser detection fails.

You must restart JedoxSuiteCoreService to enable the changes in font_config.xml.