Configuring Longer Processing Times


Depending on the hardware performance and the number of Excel file processes, the default setting of 3 seconds for processing time may be insufficient. If the Office Add-in processes run into a timeout, the configuring of the following registry keys will avoid this.

The keys are WaitTimeForExcel, WaitTimeForExcelCalculation and WaitTimeForExcelWorkbookOpen. The last two keys are new in  Jedox Release 2019.3.

Without any entries for these keys in the registry, they have the following default values:

– WaitTimeForExcel : 1000
– WaitTimeForExcelCalculation : value of WaitTimeForExcel (value of line above)
– WaitTimeForExcelWorkbookOpen : value of WaitTimeForExcelCalculation(value of line above)


You can change these default values by right clicking in key area of RegKey: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Jedox\Palo\OAddin.
Then create New – DWORD (32-bit) Value:

  • RegValue name: WaitTimeForExcel; WaitTimeForExcelCalculation or WaitTimeForExcelWorkbookOpen
  • RegValue type: REG_DWORD;
  • RegValue possible values: the single numeric value of the new time in milliseconds.

For example, on a slow VM, you can set

  • WaitTimeForExcelCalculation to 5000 
  • WaitTimeForExcelCalculation to 5000
  • WaitTimeForExcelWorkbookOpen to 10000

After these changes, the time for these processes can be 17 seconds longer than before the changes.