Configuring Log Levels in Excel Add-in


You can enable different log levels for the Jedox Excel Add-in. The following log levels are supported:

Log Level Description Includes
Trace = 0

Any information, no restrictions.

Trace, Debug, Info, Warning, Error, Critical


Debug = 1 Diagnostically helpful information. Debug, Info, Warning, Error, Critical Trace
Info = 2 Generally useful information for the log (service start/stop, configuration assumptions, etc.) Info, Warning, Error, Critical Trace, Debug, Info
Warning = 3 Anything that can potentially cause application oddities (e.g. retrying an operation, missing not important data, etc.). The “default execution path” can handle this without any big impact on the application main functionalities. Warning, Error, Critical Trace, Debug, Info
Error = 4 Any error which is fatal for performing any operation but causes no module or service crash (e.g cannot open a required file, missing input data). Error, Critical Trace, Debug, Info, Warning
Critical = 5 Any error that forces the module, service or application to shutdown and that should be investigated immediately.
Additionally, the errors/situations when data loss/corruption happens or the system cannot recover its work at all.
Critical Trace, Debug, Info, Warning, Error.


You can define the log level via the following registry entry.
Right click in key area of RegKey: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Jedox\Palo\XLAddin,
then create New - DWORD (32-bit) Value:

  • RegValue name: LogLevel;
  • RegValue type: REG_DWORD;
  • RegValue possible values: the single numeric value of the supported log-level (see above);
  • RegValue default value: 2, i.e. Info.