Jedox Cloud Trial


Starting your Jedox Cloud 14-day trial

  1. At the Jedox website, click Jedox Cloud. You will be asked to fill out a few questions. Click the SIGN UP button to continue.
  2. Jedox Cloud trial version opens in a new browser tab. Click through the Demo, or click on the button to download a trial version of Jedox Excel Add-in.

  3. You will receive an email from Jedox with a link to your Cloud trial, which you can use to access your Cloud instance throughout the trial period.

Changing the password of your Jedox Cloud account

When you open your Cloud trial, you are automatically logged in as the administrator, with login/password credentials admin/admin. You should change these credentials immediately. To do so, navigate to the Administration→Users and click on user admin. Set and confirm the password in the General tab, as indicated below.