Cloud-Based Relational Databases


Jedox Cloud supports cloud-based relational databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. You can purchase the cloud-based relational databases as a Jedox Cloud service. These types of relational databases are fully maintained and supported by Jedox. There are currently 3 types of Cloud-based relational databases, based on storage size:

  • Small – 50 GB
  • Medium – 100 GB
  • Large – 200 GB

You are notified if the storage capacity exceeds 80%.

A Cloud Operations Engineer can create, configure and deploy the databases. After being configured and ready to use, you receive all the connection parameters (credentials, hostname, port).

These databases can connect with different tools, depending on their type, for example, pgAdmin for PostgreSQL, MySQL Workbench for MySQL. These tools allow you to check the access to the relational databases.

The relational databases can be used for ODBC Queries. To add an ODBC connection, go to Administration > Connections and select Add a new connection. The Add Connection tab is displayed, allowing you to select the connection type.

Note: Cloud-based relational databases backups are locally redundant and the retention period is 7 days.

For upgrades and cost details, contact your Account Owner/Sales Manager. The upgrade process starts as soon as there is an official order from Jedox Order Management and it takes no longer than 30 minutes.