Changing the passwords for admin and _internal_suite


The Jedox OLAP Server is used as an important backend for metadata storage by Jedox Web. Because of this, both the UI (Apache) and core need to have admin access to the Jedox OLAP Server. This access is configured in the configuration files ...\httpd\app\etc\config.php and ...\core\palo_config.xml. A special user, “_internal_suite”, with a randomly created password is used for this.

When changing the Jedox admin password (via Jedox Studio User Manager or Jedox Excel Add-in), no changes in configuration files are necessary.

If you change the password for user _internal_suite, then the following change is also needed:

in …\httpd\app\etc\config.php  the line

define(‘CFG_PALO_PASS’, ‘old_password’);

After that, the service JedoxSuiteHttpdService  must be restarted.