Cash Flow Mapping Cube

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The Cash Flow Mapping cube stores the mapping from the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet cubes to the Cash Flow Cube. It is maintained through the Cash Flow Mapping report. This cube consists of the following dimensions:

  • PnL and BS Account: Combination of all elements of the PnL Account and BS Account dimensions. The profit and loss accounts are prefixed with PnL., while the balance sheet accounts are prefixed with BS.. This dimension is maintained by the Update Dimension PnL and BS Account procedure, which can be invoked from the Cash Flow Mapping report.
  • Cash Flow Mapping No: Flat list of ordinals 1, 2, 3, etc. By default, up to ten source accounts can be mapped on a CF Account destination. This dimension can be extended if additional mappings are required.
  • Cash Flow Mapping_measure contains the following elements:



    Mapping Type

    Defines how signs of values from the source cubes Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet should be handled. Valid values are 1-1Auto, and -Auto. See the Sign measure for more details. (string)

    Transaction Type

    Only valid if the PnL and BS Account element is balance sheet account. Must be an element of the Transaction Type dimension. (string)

    CF Account

    Destination account for the CF Account dimension. (string)


    Effective sign of the mapping from the source account to the destination account as specified by Mapping Type. This measure is the result of the Update Cash Flow Calculation procedure. Valid values are 1 or -1. If Mapping Type was set to 1 or -1, then Sign is set to 1 or -1. If Mapping Type was set to Auto or -Auto, then Sign is calculated by the following criteria:

    • If Type of the account is Assets or Expenses, reverse the sign.
    • If the sign standard for the source account type is , reverse the sign.
    • If the Type of the destination CF Account is Payments, reverse the sign.
    • If the Mapping Type is set to -Auto, reverse the sign.

    Please note that an even number of reversals would result in a value of 1 and an uneven number would result in -1. (string)


    Comprehensive error message if the Update Cash Flow Calculation procedure cannot calculate Sign. Otherwise empty. (string)