Cash Flow Calculation Cube


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The Cash Flow Calculation cube performs the mapping defined in the Cash Flow Mapping cube. It does not contain any physical values but is entirely populated by rules. The cube is maintained by the Update Cash Flow Calculation procedure, which can be invoked from the Cash Flow Mapping report. The cube consists of the following dimensions:

  • Version: see article Version Dimension
  • Month: see article Month Dimension
  • Legal Entity: see article Legal Entity Dimension
  • Currency: see article Fact Cube Using Currency Conversion
  • Consolidation
  • CF Account Calculation: this dimension performs the mapping as defined by the Cash Flow Mapping cube. Base elements receive the values from the Profit and Loss or the Balance Sheet cube. Their names are either like Profit and Loss|<PnL Account>| or Balance Sheet|<BS Account>|<Transaction Type>. The consolidated elements in this dimension are a copy of the CF Account dimension. The base elements roll up into the CF Account elements according to the mapping, including the Sign.
  • Cash Flow Calculation_measure: contains the following measure:




    Value from the source cube on base-level elements. (calculated, numeric)