Options Dialog


The Options dialog provides options for the appearance and navigational structure of Jedox Web. The dialog is accessed through the icon in the bottom left corner:

All the changes in this dialog take effect after a new login by the same user.

General Panel

On this panel, you can do the following:

  • Set the language
  • Select whether the Navigation Bar is displayed
  • Set the design (the color scheme)
  • Clear the recently open reports list on the open recent list
  • Set the default folders for Reports and Report Designer
    Note: If user settings are specified here, then they override always made group settings. Then a chosen default homepage will not be loaded.
View Panel

On this panel, you can set the view options for the modules Report Designer and Administration. These settings affect the page layout for each Jedox component.

Spreadsheet Panel

On this panel you can set the following:

  • Toolbar: classic, ribbon or simple ribbon style
  • Designer and User mode options
Account Panel

On this panel you can change your password.


This panel allows you to select whether you want Jedox Web to automatically check for updates.