Options Dialog


The Options dialog provides options for the appearance and navigational structure of Jedox Web. You can also change your password here. The dialog is accessed through the icon in the bottom left corner: 

Changes in this dialog take effect after a new login by the same user. 

General – Default Tab

Here you can set the following options:

  • Language
  • Design (color scheme)
  • Default folders for Report Designer and Reports

Please note that the personal setting for the default directory for the Reports module overwrites the setting for the homepage. In this case a selected default homepage will not be loaded.

General – Appearance Tab 

Here you can set the view options for Jedox Web, Report Designer, and Administration. These settings affect the page layout for each Jedox component.

General – Update Tab

Here you can turn on or off the automatic check for updates.

Spreadsheet – Default Tab

Here you can set the following points:

  • Toolbar: classic or ribbon style
  • Designer and User mode options