Bubble Chart Example

All the plotted data in a bubble chart requires three values: an X axis, a Y axis and Size. In the example below, the X axis is the “Gross Profit”, the Y-axis is the number of Units, and the size of the bubble is, in this case, defined by “% of total Europe profit”. Each of the regions in the example represents the Series. Each Series consist of a single data point:


Data Area: C7-D19
Chart Type: Bubble
Data Grouped By: Rows
Series Labels: Yes
Category Labels: Auto
X Axis Format: Numerical
Y Axis Format: Numerical
Size Format: Percentage

You cannot pass the labels for the X axis and Y axis from the source data range. However, you can define a label for each Axis in the Axis properties, which you can open via the context menu of the axis in the chart.

You can also plot multiple data points for each series. To do this:

  1. Add another column to the source data range, containing the values for the second set of data points.
  2. Extend the chart range to include this column.