Balance Sheet Cube (Financial Consolidation)

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Financial amounts for the balance sheet statement are maintained in the Balance Sheet cube, which consists of the following dimensions:

  • Version: See Version Dimension article.
  • Month_YTD: See Month_YTD Dimension article.
  • Scope: See Scope Dimension article.
  • Legal Entity: See Legal Entity Dimension article.
  • Partner Entity: See Partner Entity Dimension article.
  • Currency: See Fact Cube Using Currency Conversion article.
  • BS Account:

    Element Definition
    Account hierarchy consisting of report items. The hierarchy breaks down into more granular reporting lines. Alternatively, the report items can be broken down into ledger accounts.
    All BS Accounts Total of all accounts. Aggregated figures are usually meaningless at this level.

    See also BS Account Dimension.

  • Transaction Type: See Transaction Type Dimension article.
  • Consolidation: elements in the Consolidation dimension represent levels in the financial consolidation process, starting with the collected separate financial statements on the Local GAAP element and ending with the final result on the Consolidated Adjusted element.
  • The Balance Sheet_measure contains the following measures:

    Element Definition
    Value Main element to store facts from import procedures or manual input. (numeric)
    Comment Additional explanation of the planned amounts stored in Input or on the performance of actual figures and their adjustments. (string)