Setup Command Line Parameters


The following command-line parameters are available in Jedox setup:

Parameter Description
/SAVEINF=”config.inf” Setup is executed normally, but all settings applied by the user are recorded and saved to config.inf for usage in LOADING for unattended installations.
/LOADINF=”config.inf” Setup uses settings from config.inf for installation. Only supported in unattended installations combined with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT parameter.
/SILENT Must be combined with /LOADINF parameter. Instructs setup to hide Setup Wizard window and to display only the installation progress bar.
/CONNFILE Must be combined with /LOADINF and /SILENT parameters. Copies a specified file to the Excel installation directory in Jedox Suite and into the Excel directory in %APPDATA%. It will create a backup of the original file in %APPDATA% before overwriting it. 
/VERYSILENT Must be combined with /LOADINF parameter. Same as silent, but also hides the installation progress bar.
/LOG=”setup.log” Logs the setup process to a specified file.
/NOPORTCHECK=true Disables check if ports are blocked. By default, setup will check if the selected ports for Jedox components are free to use. Be careful with this option, as installation may fail if selected ports for Jedox components are blocked or already in use by another service.


The following command-line parameter is available for uninstalling Jedox software (command to remove Jedox software):

Parameter Description

Usage e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Jedox\Jedox Suite\unins000.exe /wipe=true

The complete content of Jedox Suite directory will be deleted and all registry keys below:
1. HKLM\Software\Jedox
2. HKU\.Default\Software\Jedox
3. HKCU\Software\Jedox