AIssisted™ Planning Start Page


The AIssisted™ Planning Start Page provides a central space with easy access to AI wizards and reports. It is the first thing you see when you select AIssisted Planning™ under My Models.

You can also navigate there manually by clicking the Reports icon (), and selecting Models and AIssisted™ Planning from the combo boxes, as indicated:

The AIssisted™ Planning Start Page gives you a comprehensive view of the current and upcoming wizards, along with a description of each:

Click an icon to go to any wizard. The wizard will open in a separate report tab. If you wish to return to the start page, click the Start Page report tab:

This allows you to quickly sift through the open reports and easily select new ones, without the inconvenience of multiple windows.

Note: while most tiles go to Jedox Web, some are links to different parts of the web (e.g. Knowledge Base) and therefore will not open a report tab, but a new browser tab or window.