Advanced Rule Editor


The Jedox Web Advanced Rule Editor allows UI-driven creation and editing of OLAP rules. The Advanced Rule Editor also supports creating and editing rule templates.

The selection areas are described below, indicated by the numbers in the screenshot above.

  1. List box to define the elements that the rule applies to. Options are All Elements, Base Elements, and Consolidated Elements.
  2. List box to select the rule form. In Jedox 7.1, only Classic form is possible.
  3. List box to select the target dimension.
  4. Gear wheel icon to select element(s):

    If “Element list” is selected, the display of the inner element control changes. If you then open the “Select Element“ dialog, selection of multiple elements is possible. The elements will be added in several controls, with the matching rule syntax. Furthermore you can select “Add” with a gear wheel in the gray list to add another element to the same dimension list:
  5. List box for the selection of the rule content, e.g. classic rule, marker rule, or function:
  6. Gear wheel icon to select “Expression“ or “Variable“ for the rule:
  7. List box to select the source dimension.
  8. Gear wheel icon to select an element or a function:
  9. Three points icon to select an operator:

Rule formula tree is collapsed by default

The formula tree of the source in the Advanced Rule Editor is collapsed by default from the second level onwards. With the buttons (1) and (2) you can collapse or expand all source lines.

Additionally, users can now control whether the Advanced Rule Editor panel should be collapsed or expanded by default, via right button click (3) on the Rule Editor panel label.

Other Editing Features

As of Jedox 7.1, syntax highlighting is implemented in the Advanced Rule Editor, as shown in the screenshot below.

You can also enable auto-completion when typing a rule formula. To activate this feature, type the key combination <CTRL>+<SPACE>.