Adjusting Email Notification Settings


The Scheduler in Jedox will send emails in certain scenarios, such as to notify a user about the execution of a Jedox Integrator job or to distribute PDF reports.

To send these emails, a valid SMTP mail server connection must be configured in the Settings section of Jedox Web Administration:

The following keys in the Settings group “Global/Tasks/Smtp” need to be properly set:

  • auth: setting to control whether to use authentication when contacting the SMTP server
  • host: the address of the SMTP mail server
  • password: the password of the user who authenticates on the SMTP server (see user key below). The password is stored encrypted.
  • port: the port on which the SMTP mail server is contacted
  • starttls_enable: setting to control whether the STARTTLS command usage is enabled
  • user: the username with which Jedox will authenticate on the SMTP mail server

Information for Gmail users:
If you want to send Scheduler emails with Gmail, you have to allow less secure apps in the settings of your Gmail account:

Enabling Spoofing

Most email providers prohibit spoofing (email creation from a forged sender) because of security risks. It can, however, be beneficial in certain contexts.  One such context is when you wish to send an email on behalf of someone else, particularly in an automated process, e.g. for a workflow process. If you wish to enable spoofing, it must be done through your email system and through Jedox. Please contact your email provider if you need assistance enabling spoofing for your email system. To enable spoofing through Jedox, you must create a key. Go to: AdministrationSettingsAdd Key and enter the following data:

  • Key: tasks.smtp.allow_spoofing
  • Value: TRUE
  • Type: boolean