Adjusting Email Notification Settings


The Scheduler in Jedox will send emails in certain scenarios, such as to notify a user about the execution of a Jedox Integrator job or to distribute PDF reports.

To send these emails, a valid SMTP mail server connection must be configured in the Settings section of Jedox Web Administration:

The following keys in the Settings group “Global/Tasks/Smtp” need to be properly set:

  • auth: setting to control whether to use authentication when contacting the SMTP server
  • host: the address of the SMTP mail server
  • password: the password of the user who authenticates on the SMTP server (see user key below). The password is stored encrypted.
  • port: the port on which the SMTP mail server is contacted
  • starttls_enable: setting to control whether the STARTTLS command usage is enabled
  • user: the username with which Jedox will authenticate on the SMTP mail server

Information for Gmail users:
If you want to send Scheduler emails with Gmail, you have to allow less secure apps in the settings of your Gmail account: