Adjusting the Paging Display in OLAP Dimension Dialogs


There are various dialogs in Jedox Web where OLAP dimensions are displayed, such as the Modeler, the Subset Editor, or subset-based comboboxes. If the dimension is very large, the list of elements in these dialogs is split into several pages through which the viewer can browse.

By default, the paging is used if there are more than 500 elements on one branch level of the OLAP dimension that is viewed. Every page will display 50 elements.

These defaults can be changed by creating the settings in Jedox Web Administration > Settings > Spreadsheet > Control:

  • The number of elements per page can be changed to a new value in the tree_paging_pagesize key (default value is 50). Changes will take effect immediately.
  • As of Jedox version 7.0 SR1 the setting tree_paging_threshold is deprecated and will be ignored.