Adjusting the Login Screen


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Defining a Login Screen message

You can define a message that will be shown to each user on the Jedox Web login screen. To do this, the key called “motd” (short for “Message of the day”) in the “Login” group can be adjusted. Set the message you want to show as value for this key. Some simple HTML formatting is allowed in the message, such as inserting line breaks by using the <br /> tag. 

In the screenshot below, the motd key has been set to “Good morning, Jedox users!”

Adjustments to the Login Screen

You can personalize the login screen in various ways. Below is a general outline of the steps involved.

  1. Copy the files head.php and body.php in the folder <install_path>\httpd\app\docroot\ui\login\inc and rename the copies. In the example below, we have renamed them peter_head.php and peter_body.php.
  2. Make the adjustments in the new files (link to new images, make text changes, etc.).
  3. Open the file <install_path>\httpd\app\etc\config.php in an editor and make the following change:
    // prefix for custom login page files
    define('CFG_CUSTOM_LOGIN', 'peter ');

Warning of unsupported browser

If you connect to Jedox Web from an unsupported browser, you will receive a warning message. This warning message can be disabled by setting the option “disable_browser_check” in settings manager to true.