Accessing the Jedox In-Memory DB from Client Machines


If you need to access the Jedox In-Memory DB (OLAP) component of Jedox Web from Excel clients on different machines, you must update the palo.ini and make the following changes to configuration files:

  1. Changes in the file ...\olap\data\palo.ini:
    Change the entry http “” 7777 to either http “” 7777 or http <SERVER-IP> 7777.
  2. If you enter a static IP other than, you also need to change other configuration files:
    In …\httpd\app\etc\config.php, the entry define(‘CFG_PALO_HOST’, ‘’) needs to be changed to the Server IP used in palo.ini.
    In …\core\palo_config.xml, the entry <host></host> needs to be changed to the Server IP used in palo.ini.
  3. Changing the Jedox OLAP Server port:
    Change the port entry http 7777 to the new port.
    This change must also be made  in …\httpd\app\etc\config.php for the entry define(‘CFG_PALO_PORT’, ‘7777’);
    and in …\core\palo_config.xml for the entry <port>7777</port>.
  4. The Jedox services need to be restarted after making these changes in order to apply these settings.

You can make these settings if you run Jedox on-premises, but they must not be changed in a Jedox Cloud environment. These changes are available for Jedox Web Connections Manager if the server IP is hard-coded in palo.ini as the only allowed IP from which other connections can connect to the In-Memory DB. If you use the Excel Add-in, make sure you set the connection to http "" 7777 to make sure that all the users of the Excel Add-in can connect to the In-Memory DB.

Note: it is recommended to check the settings and ensure that the firewall is configured to let these ports communicate outside the server. This must be ensured when a connection from the outside is made to the server, either from Excel Add-in or another Jedox Server to the Jedox In-Memory DB. For more information on how to use the ports, see Jedox Web Connections.

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