Accessing the Jedox OLAP Server from Different Client Machines


If you need to access the Jedox OLAP Server component of Jedox Web from Excel Clients on different machines, you must update the palo.ini and make the following changes to configuration files:

  1. Changes in the file ...\olap\data\palo.ini:
    Change the entry http “” 7777 to either http “” 7777 or http <SERVER-IP> 7777.
  2. If you enter a static IP other than, you also need to change other configuration files:
    In …\httpd\app\etc\config.php, the entry define(‘CFG_PALO_HOST’, ‘’) needs to be changed to the Server IP used in palo.ini.
    In …\core\palo_config.xml, the entry <host></host> needs to be changed to the Server IP used in palo.ini.
  3. Changing the Jedox OLAP Server port:
    Change the port entry http 7777 to the new port.
    This change must also be made  in …\httpd\app\etc\config.php for the entry define(‘CFG_PALO_PORT’, ‘7777’);
    and in …\core\palo_config.xml for the entry <port>7777</port>.
  4. The Jedox services need to be restarted after making these changes in order to apply these settings.

You can make these settings if you run Jedox on-premise, but they must not be changed in a Jedox Cloud environment. These changes are available for Jedox Web Connections Manager if the server IP is hardcoded in palo.ini as the only allowed IP from which other connections can connect to OLAP. If you use the Excel Add-in, make sure you set the connection to http "" 7777 to make sure that all the users of the Excel Add-in can connect to OLAP.

Note: it is recommended to check the settings and ensure that the firewall is configured to let these ports communicate outside the server. This must be ensured when a connection from the outside is made to the server, either from Excel Add-in or another Jedox Server to OLAP. For more information on how to use the ports, see Jedox Web Connections.