Java Installation Updates and Changes


Windows OS

Jedox Setup for Windows includes OpenJDK, an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition. The OpenJDK version is automatically updated with every Jedox release, so there is no need to update or change Java manually.

If setenv.bat requires changes, you must you must execute the scripts serviceRemove.bat and serviceInstall.bat in <Install_path>\tomcat\bin (with administrative rights) for reinitialization of JedoxSuiteTomcatService.

Important: you must back up your installation files and data before starting the Jedox Setup. The update installation can overwrite manually changed configuration files. Therefore, you should have a backup from which to restore them.

Linux OS

To update Java when Jedox Suite is not running:

  1. Enter the command sudo mount -o bind /dev/ $INSTALL_PATH/dev/
  2. Change into chroot: chroot $INSTALL_PATH
  3. Enter the update command yum update java-11-openjdk
  4. Exit from chroot
  5. Enter the command sudo umount $INSTALL_PATH/dev/

To update the Java installation while Jedox Suite is running:

  1. Change into chroot: chroot $INSTALL_PATH
  2. Enter the update command yum update java-11-openjdk
  3. Restart Jedox Suite.

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