Jedox Support Portal

Through the Jedox Support Portal, you can contact our team of experts who will respond to any query regarding our product. The Support Portal is used for reporting incidents, concerns, requesting assistance and other complaints.

If you are a Jedox customer or partner and you do not yet have a user account, please send an email to

All communication following the initial ticket creation in the Jedox Support Portal can still be carried out via e-mail.

1. Login

You access the Jedox Support Portal via this link:

Enter your username and password, then click Login.

Login screen

You can also access the Support Portal directly through Jedox Web. In Options > Jedox Online, enter your username and password and click OK.

Options dialog

You can now access the Support Portal via the Help button:

Help button screenshot

2. Menu Section My Tickets

This section offers you an overview of your company's tickets. You can check details such as current status or age. You can filter your tickets by using the All/Open/Closed options above the list.

Support portal screenshot

2.1 How to create a new ticket

By clicking on New Ticket you are led to a form in which you can enter your request:

New ticket screen

Click into the Process field and choose the "Support Ticket" option. Process, Subject, and Text are required. Please describe your issue as comprehensively as possible. You can also attach files, e.g. screenshots, log files, or reports.

You can provide more information about the environment you use by using the different comboboxes. Not all the comboboxes are mandatory. Don´t feel obliged to fill them all; simply choose what you already know and what may be relevant for your case.

Click the Submit button to submit your request. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

After the ticket is successfully submitted, you will receive an automated e-mail including the assigned Jedox ticket number.

In the Support Portal, you can see a detailed view of your submitted ticket. The arrow on the left top corner or My Tickets button in the header lead you back to the My Tickets overview. Your new ticket is displayed on the ticket list.

Ticket view in portal

If you choose to submit a ticket from Jedox Web, go to Help > Contact Jedox Support. The Create Ticket window is displayed, prompting you to enter the following:

  • Subject
  • Description (rich text)
  • Jedox component
  • CC (email address)
  • Attached files from the local file system

Create ticket dialog

Click Send to submit your ticket.

2.2 How to keep track of tickets for you and your company

Click a ticket in your list in the My Tickets section to see all the previous actions regarding this ticket. You can expand each entry and check its content, your mails and the responses from the support team. Use the Reply button to add new content to the ticket.

2.3 Searching

You can search for tickets by using various filters. You can use wildcards, such as an asterisk. For similar searches that you do on a regular basis, we recommend you create a Search template:

Search option in support

Ticket setup dialog

2.3 How to access further information

You can find links to support-related informative websites in the footer of the portal pages:

Support options screenshot

Jedox Ideas Portal: Customers and partners are invited to share their feature requests. You can post your own request and vote for already existing ones.

Known Issues: The overview of the already known issues. It allows you to check if your issue is already documented.

Knowledge Base: This comprehensive documentation of the Jedox Suite is updated and extended on a regular basis.

Knowledge Base Archive: Documentation for older but still supported versions.

3. Preferences and Logout

You can save your personal settings (such as language) or change your password in the menu item Preferences. Both Preferences and the Logout button are located in the top-right corner of the Jedox Support Portal:

Buttons screenshot

Note on data protection:

For support purposes we prefer that no personal data is submitted unless absolutely necessary; wherever possible we would like to be provided with test data similar to production data and/or a test environment. Jedox will never use any personal data provided unless we have consent. Please view our Trust page on how we treat and protect personal data.

Updated August 19, 2020