Release Notes 2022.1

Jedox 2022.1: the best Jedox version ever!

This document gives an overview of the new features, enhancements, and fixes in Jedox, which is currently available at

Some Jedox features are released IN PREVIEW. These features have undergone testing and passed quality thresholds, but they should not be used in production until they have reached “generally available” (GA) status. For more information, see In-Preview Features.

Jedox features with the heading ATTN include changes, such as deprecations and breaking changes, that may impact settings in your current installation. Always back up your databases and other customized content before upgrading.


Jedox Web

Breadcrumb navigation

This brand-new navigation concept is available for all areas of Jedox Web, including Modeler, Designer, Integrator, and Reports. It provides a visible understanding of where a user is in the system, and can be used to jump directly between locations.


Actions can be run when opening / closing reports and workbooks

You can now set up Actions to be processed when reports are opened or closed. Usage scenarios include:

  • Setting a value in a cube when report is opened or closed (for workflow steps, or to see if a user has opened a report)
  • Setting a number of variables for the specific user when the report opens (these could be dynamic, such as day of the week, month, etc., or based on time or status of planning cycle)
  • Triggering an Integrator process upon closing of the report, to shift planning data to another cube.

As part of this change, the "Dialog" tab has been incorporated into the main Actions dialog window.

Dynamic List labels

When creating Lists, it is now possible to define a dynamic display label. This functionality makes the View more understandable to the end user, because it provides context for the data they see, especially if the data displayed is dynamic (e.g. displays the Product, Year, or Version).

Modeler: object tabs unified in a single page view

Database, cube, and dimension properties in Modeler can be seen on one scrollable and expandable screen.

Default palette for new charts

"Design System" is now the default palette for charts.

New Action: Element Select

Provides the ability to present an element picker to an end user and capture the names of the selected elements. Previously, this would require extra reports to be built with macro code to handle the behavior.

New Action: Export Report

This new Action can trigger an export action directly on a report without requiring any macro code. It is particularly useful in scenarios where the report designer would like to provide the capability to export to Excel, PDF or HTML, but the Report toolbar is not available to end users.

New features for Integrator Action

  • A notification banner now instantly informs end users that a job is finished.
  • A hyperlink in the notification banner allows users to open the execution status when the job is finished.

File selection for Download Action

The end user can now select a file within a folder, which has been selected by the report designer. Folder selection is optional for the designer.

Upload Action shows response when file is uploaded

A notification banner now informs end users that a file has been successfully uploaded using the Upload Action. The banner is optional and can be set up by the report designer.

Option to include Virtual Dimensions when building a data filter

By default, Virtual Dimensions are excluded from data filters, as additional dimensions add to the data load, creating inefficiencies. The Subset Editor now includes a checkbox to include Virtual Dimensions, if desired.

Support for Virtual Dimensions in Planning Assistant

Virtual Dimensions are now visible and selectable in the Planning Assistant, providing the user with the full context of the operation they are performing.

Styles and formats enabled by default for new Views

Formats and styles (such as element / list number formats and column / row sizes) defined in the Modeler are now applied as the default for new Views.

View dropdown menu synchs with selected database and / or cube

The dropdown menu listing the Views in the POV dialog is now automatically set to the selected database and cube, making navigation quicker.

Multi-select in Pre-Flight Check dialog

You can now select multiple elements in "Needs attention" area of the Pre-Flight Check dialog using ctrl-click and shift-click keystrokes.

XNPV and XIRR functions now available

These financial functions, which are used in cash-flow calculations, are now available in Jedox Web spreadsheets. Functions are similar to MS Excel and perform the following calculations: 

  • XNPV: Returns the net present value for a schedule of cash flows that is not necessarily periodic
  • XIRR: Returns the internal rate of return for a schedule of cash flows that is not necessarily periodic

Binary PHP extensions of Macro Engine in Jedox Cloud are now deprecatedATTN

Custom, binary PHP extension files are now deprecated in Jedox Cloud.

Filters can be reapplied in Jedox Views

After changing the context of a Jedox View (such as expanding the elements on the rows), the row filter can now be reapplied directly within the View.

Added support for POV multi-selection in Views where Virtual Dimensions are used

Aggregation functions are now supported in Views with Virtual Dimensions.

Configurable SMTP timeout for RPC / Scheduler

Jedox Web administrators can now define a configurable timeout period (in milliseconds) for contacting the SMTP server when sending emails. To define the timeout, you must add the settings key tasks.smtp.timeout. The default value is 10 minutes.

Changed behavior for Conditional Format ATTN

In Jedox Web spreadsheets, conditional formatting rules have been changed to align with Microsoft Excel in the following situation: if a cell range contains both a zero value and an empty cell, the zero value is no longer marked as a duplicate value by the conditional format.

Set Value Action: handling for empty or uninitialized variables (2022.1.1)

The Set Value Action is commonly used for setting variables. In many use cases, this variable should only be set when the end user has not yet chosen a custom selection.

Now the report designer can optionally specify a variable value to be set only when it is not yet defined by the user, so that any custom selection of an end user is not overwritten by the action.

Unsaved changes indicated in Rule Editor (2022.1.1)

The Rules tab now shows an asterisk when there are unsaved changes. If there are no changes, the Save button is greyed out.

Excel Add-in

Support for Virtual Dimensions in Planning Assistant

Virtual Dimensions are now visible and selectable in the Planning Assistant, providing the user with the full context of the operation they are performing.

Compatibility with older servers ATTN

Due to changes in functionality for Views and Subsets, Jedox Excel Add-in version 2022.1 will not function properly with Jedox Server components on version 2021.4 or older. Please note that backwards compatibility in client-server connections are usually viable, but generally not supported by Jedox.

In-Memory DB (OLAP)

Virtual Dimension filters now considered when calculating semi-additive measures

Analysis of data calculated by semi-additive measures is now enhanced by respecting the chosen elements of Virtual Dimensions.

New database script commands for managing element consolidation

There are several new database script commands for adjusting existing hierarchies / parent-child relations. They can perform the following tasks:

  • remove all parents / children of the element
  • remove specific parents / children of the element
  • remove all parents / children except specified ones

The basic commands are ELEMENT_REMOVE_CHILDREN() and ELEMENT_REMOVE_PARENTS(). For variations and syntax, see OLAP Script Documentation.

Improved handling of string values in cubes with Virtual Dimensions ATTN

String cube values are now readable and writable only on the root elements of Virtual Dimensions. Other elements of a Virtual Dimension won't show string cube values and won't allow writing a string value.


Option to disable execution logs written in systemlogs / etlserver.log

Full Integrator execution logs will no longer appear in the Cloud Console. The Console will show two messages indicated the start, end, and status of an execution, and execution logs will continue to be available in the Integrator Monitor of Jedox Web.

New location type for Azure blob storage

With this change, files can now be extracted and loaded natively to / from Azure blob storage, without the need for Groovy code.

Groovy Sandbox as default in Jedox Cloud ATTN

Groovy Sandbox will be enabled by default in Jedox X environments (Jedox Cloud and BYOI), ensuring that Groovy code is always executed in the most secure way.

Default JavaScript configuration has changed ATTN

In Jedox X environments (Jedox Cloud and BYOI), JavaScript function and job will run in a restricted mode, which prevents the use of any Java functionality inside the scripts. This option can be configured.

Dimension filter mode "onlyChildren"

This feature makes it easier to handle filters for Virtual Dimensions in Integrator by reducing the number of necessary filters to accomplish the task of getting only children of an element.

New Integrator function to randomize values

This new Integrator function enables randomizing numbers natively. The range of the random value can be defined by setting a minimum and maximum value. It is possible to define whether the random value should be an integer or double, providing flexibility to show random values for each row.

Index-based paging in TableLoop to be used for REST connection

The page size can now be configured in TableLoop transform to allow the loop process to be stopped when no more data is retrieved from a source. This feature is particularly useful for REST connections with index-based pagination. The feature supports OData standards.

Delimiter allows reading / writing to line-oriented flat files

This feature improves the integration of files by making it easier to handle line-oriented flat files natively, reducing the need for custom coding / workarounds.

"Read rule-based values" disabled when a Virtual Dimension is an output column

Since Virtual Dimensions may exponentially increase the number of cells that are rule-calculated, Integrator now disables "Read rule-based values" when a Virtual Dimension is used as an output column.

Standard jobs can inherit "fail on status" setting from a master job

This feature simplifies the process of adjusting "fail on status" when complex sub-jobs-trees are in place. With the new "inherit" option, it is possible to change all the "fail on status" options of sub jobs at once by changing this setting in the master job.

Enhancements to PowerBI Connector

The PowerBI Connector can now be configured for all Azure instances worldwide.

Setup & Configuration

Deprecated: Jedox Sandbox

As announced in Jedox 2021.3, Jedox Sandbox is deprecated as of version 2022.1 and no longer appears as an option in setup.

Technical Health

In Jedox Version 2022.1, the following components were updated:



Apache HTTPD

Apache Tomcat

PHP Apache

PHP SSS 5.6.39 / 7.3.30


Tasks implemented since release 2021.4

The following issues (features, tweaks, and bugs) reported in Jedox 2021.4 have been fixed / implemented in Jedox 2022.1. The development team thanks those customers and partners who have reported issues.



OLAP Server




Excel Add-in

Excel Online Add-in 19

Client Libs


Integrator Server


Jedox Web


Demo content






Jedox Cloud

QA 63



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