Release Notes 2021.4

Jedox 2021.4: the best Jedox version ever!

This document gives an overview of the new features, enhancements, and fixes in Jedox, which is currently available at We are committed to keeping newer versions compatible with previous versions, especially solutions built with previous versions. Any changes in the software that would require a change in a solution built with the software will be announced during the ramp-up phase before the change goes into effect.

Some Jedox features are released IN PREVIEW. These features have undergone testing and passed quality thresholds, but they should not be used in production until they have reached “generally available” (GA) status. For features in preview, we are targeting a maximum of two releases for maturation, i.e., it will take a maximum of two releases until they become GA. Our intention is to get your feedback on these features before making them GA and production-ready. These in-preview features may undergo minor design changes while going through the maturation process. Most in-preview features can be enabled in Jedox Web Administration. For more information, see In-Preview Features.

Jedox features with the heading ATTN include changes that may impact settings in your current installation, including deprecations. Always back up your databases and other customized content before upgrading.


Jedox Web

Preflight Check ga

In preview with 2021.3, Preflight Check is now generally available (GA). This feature allows report designers to define a set of "value checks" in an open Web Spreadsheet, storing the current value of each cell internally. These stored, expected values can then be compared at a later point with the values currently returned in the cells to see whether they have been calculated as expected. Designers can use the checks to validate whether some changes made in their application, such as a changed Integrator job or changes in the rule calculation, have an impact on the values displayed in Web reports.

Checks can be defined in several ways:

  • Context menu in cells
  • Context menu for folders: running Preflight Check on a folder checks all files in that folder
  • a workbook can be checked via the menu button in the "Formulas" ribbon.

Viable support for Windows 11 in Jedox Web

Jedox 2021.4 now supports Windows 11 for browser access. Note that this support applies only to client-side software and not server-side software.

Full support for Virtual Dimensions in detached Views in Jedox Web

Virtual Dimensions have been optimized and are fully supported in detached Views.

Data from Drillthrough can now be exported as XLSX 

The Drillthrough dialog now has two options for export: CSV and Excel (XLSX), enabling data to be opened directly in Excel.

Warning prompt when logging out with unsaved changes in Jedox Web Administration

When the user attempts to log out after having made, but not saved, changes, a warning pop-up dialog now appears in the following areas of the Administration component of Jedox Web:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Connections

Improved usability of variables list dialog (21.3.1)

The dialog used to assign a variable now provides more options, rather than a simple list. The dialog includes more information on available variables to make selection easier. You can also create new variables, make changes to existing variables, and delete variables directly in the dialog.

Canvas: borders can be set individually (21.3.1)

Designers can now set Canvas borders individually. For example, you can introduce a design that has bottom and / or top borders on a stack that span the complete width of the Canvas and are completely resizable.

Canvas: stacks and frames are automatically resized

Stacks and frames can now be resized based on content changes, such as expansion / contraction of a DynaRange or stored View. Canvas also supports the automatic resizing of adjacent frames to keep the relationship and perspective for related data.

Canvas sheets can now be exported as PDF files

Canvas sheets can be exported as PDF files for printing and distribution.

Canvas: support for DynaRanges

DynaRanges are now fully functional in Canvas. You can expect the same functionality as in a Jedox Report, such as

  • DynaRanges expand and collapse in the Canvas.
  • The Canvas frame resizes according to the size of the DynaRange.
  • Scrolling works as expected and is smooth.

Virtual Dimensions now supported in Read / Write Action

Virtual Dimensions can now be explicitly referenced when reading and writing data from a cube where Virtual Dimensions are present.

Actions: new option to concatenate path and file for Upload Action (21.3.1)

When uploading a file, you can now concatenate the specified path with the returned target (filename), resulting in the full location of the file that can be used in further operations.

Actions: new option to set attributes in Add / Delete Element Action

You can now set attributes when creating an action to Add / Delete Elements, eliminating the need to set attributes in a separate process or macro.

Actions: new option to refresh Rule Templates in Add / Delete Element Action

After adding or deleting an element in a dimension via Action, you can now opt to refresh Rule Templates, ensuring the templates are up to date without the need to use a macro or Integrator job.

Actions: multiple values can be set in Set Value Action

Set Value Action now allows multiple values to be set in the Set Value Action dialog.

Actions: Settings Key can be set as source and target

In Actions with source and target values, you can now set those values from the model or from global settings, in the same way as in Integrator. Note that the Set Value Action lets you write to Settings Key; all other actions are read-only.

Planning Assistant now shows current value of cells when different default elements are set on a dimension attn

In scenarios where different default read and write elements are defined in a dimension, the Planning Assistant now shows the value of the default write element cell in the "Current selection" field.

Additional "from" field in SMTP settings

This additional field enables Jedox to work with an email proxy that requires authentication with a secondary account, whereby the field (user) specified during authentication is NOT equal to the field (from) used as sender. This behavior is possible in newer versions of Java and is now supported by Jedox.

In-Memory DB (OLAP)

Dynamic indent option in Subset Editor

The Subset Editor now offers another indent option, "dynamic indent". This option allows hierarchies to appear correctly when a user has different levels of access rights in a dimension.

This option, which has been available for users to set manually via PALO.SUBSET formula (option 4), can now be more easily set via a selector in the Subset Editor dialog.

Columns can be sorted by "nested type" in View

You can now perform a nested sort on a selected column in a Jedox View. Nested sorting respects the hierarchies of the dimension on the rows in the view while sorting the data values within those hierarchies. Child elements are still shown directly below their parent (or directly above if “parents below children” option is used).

When an element is expanded, or when an existing filter / sort on names is changed, the sorting can be reapplied so that the resulting view will be consistently sorted.

Columns can be sorted by "full sort" in View

You can now perform a full sort on a selected column in a Jedox View. Full sort flattens the hierarchy, sorting purely based on data values irrespective of the hierarchies and nesting of dimensions on rows.

Support for subsets in Rule Editor

While subsets have been supported in rules since 2020.4, they had to be entered manually using rule syntax. The Rule Editor now supports named subsets in rule targets.

Virtual Dimensions can now display attributes

Base elements in a Virtual Dimension can now display an attribute. This feature is useful in cases where element names are technical in nature (e.g. product codes) and a Virtual Dimension is created for an attribute (e.g. product color). In this case, another attribute (e.g. product name) can be displayed on the Virtual Dimension, making the system more understandable for the end user.

Drillthrough Scripts for SVS attn

The sample Drillthrough scripts for Supervision Server have been changed to support usage of Virtual Dimensions. Note that custom scripts for Drillthrough may require adjustment.

Excel Add-in

Web dialogs in Excel Add-in now retain last-used database context

Web dialogs in Excel now retain the last used database context, bringing them in line with Jedox Web dialogs. This feature reduces clicks and navigation time in Jedox dialogs. For example, if you select a database in Paste View and switch to the Subset Editor, that database name will be preselected in the dialog.

"Create filter" dialog for Views in Excel Add-in

The context menu on row titles and element names for Views in Excel Add-in now includes a "Create filter" option, which lets you define Attributes, Conditions, and Values. You can also search for elements and select / deselect elements from the list. This feature brings Excel functionality in line with that of Jedox Web.

Select Element dialog now available as Web dialog in Excel

The Select Element dialog, used in Paste View and ENAME / ESELECT functions, is now a Web dialog in Excel Add-in. The dialog offers the full functionality of the Jedox Web dialog, including handling of subsets, Alias, and single / multiselection, e.g. for calculated members in the Paste View dialog.

Improved handling for Virtual Dimensions in detached Views in Excel Add-in

Virtual Dimensions have been optimized and are fully supported in detached Views.

Viable support for Windows 11 in Excel Add-in

Excel Add-in now supports Windows 11. Note that this support applies only to client-side software and not server-side software.


Groovy API getSession() deprecated ATTN

As announced in the 2021.3 Release Notes, Groovy job call API getSession() has been removed.

Changes to migration process for legacy ETL projects ATTN

As of Jedox 2021.4, it will only be possible to upgrade and migrate Jedox Integrator projects from versions 2019.1 and later. This process is in line with our guidelines for updating Jedox software.

Integrator now supports Virtual Dimensions

Virtual Dimensions can now be used in Integrator projects. Data can now be extracted and filtered from cubes where Virtual Dimensions are used. They can also be created based on attributes as part of a Dimension Load.

New function in AI Transform: Classification

The Classification function can be used when the predefined categories are known (currently 2 categories or binary classification is supported). The most common use case is Churn analysis, where, based on customer information, a classifier is trained to predict which customers will churn and which will not.

Another example is predictive maintenance, where one needs to identify whether an equipment needs maintenance.

Default Splash mode in new Cube Loads is now disabled

When new cube loads are created in Integrator, the "Splash Mode" setting is now disabled to prevent performance issues. When splashing is required, the setting can be easily changed. Existing loads are not affected.

Better handling for specific strings in RScript Transform

RScript Transform now supports data types from Integrator. For example, if you have a numeric column and a string column in an Integrator extract or transform, these datatypes will now be respected in the RScript Transform, whereas previously the datatype would be set by R.

OData Hub

Jedox OData Hub Integrator extension (21.3.4)

This Integrator extension allows reading extracts and transforms from third party tools as well as running loads and jobs.

Technical Health

In Jedox Version 2021.4, the following components were updated:



Apache HTTPD

Apache Tomcat

PHP Apache

PHP SSS 5.6.39 / 7.3.24


Tasks implemented since release 2021.3

The following issues (features, tweaks, and bugs) reported in Jedox 2021.3 have been fixed / implemented in Jedox 2021.4. The development team thanks those customers and partners who have reported issues.



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Excel Add-in


Office Add-in


Client Libs


Integrator Server


Jedox Web


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Jedox Mobile


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Updated November 26, 2021