Jedox 2021.2 Release Notes

Jedox 2021.2: the best Jedox version ever!

This document gives an overview of the new features, enhancements, and fixes in Jedox, which is currently available at We are committed to keeping newer versions compatible with previous versions, especially solutions built with previous versions. Any changes in the software that would require a change in a solution built with the software will be announced during the ramp-up phase before the change goes into effect.

Some Jedox features are released IN PREVIEW. These features have undergone testing and passed quality thresholds, but they should not be used in production until they have reached “generally available” (GA) status. For features in preview, we are targeting a maximum of two releases for maturation, i.e., it will take a maximum of two releases until they become GA. Our intention is to get your feedback on these features before making them GA and production-ready. These in-preview features may undergo minor design changes while going through the maturation process. Most in-preview features can be enabled in Jedox Web Administration. For more information, see In-Preview Features.

Jedox features with the heading ATTN include changes that may impact settings in your current installation. Always back up your databases and other customized content before upgrading.


Jedox Web

GA: Canvas

Jedox Canvas, introduced in preview in Jedox 2021.1, is now generally available (GA). Canvas is the biggest change to Jedox visualization and reporting ever. The new Canvas report type allows users to compose flexible, responsive, and fast visualizations consisting of existing Jedox objects, such as reports, worksheets, and views. These objects can be dragged and dropped onto the canvas, which is flexible enough to resolve to any screen resolution or size. (46750)

IN PREVIEW: Virtual Dimensions

Virtual Dimensions are an exciting new feature in the Jedox toolbox that enable you to use dimension attributes in the same way you would use dimensions. Virtual Dimensions can be used in many areas of Jedox, including:

  • Paste View dialog (49025)
  • Cube properties in Modeler (49390)
  • Cube list in Modeler (49490)
  • Paste elements dialog (49025)
  • Subset Editor dialog* (49061)

Subsets based on Virtual Dimensions with DFilter activated are also supported. (49350)

This feature is currently in preview and must be enabled in Jedox Settings > Features Rollout.

*As storing subsets for Virtual Dimensions is unsupported, the UI elements in Subset Editor for Storing Subsets are disabled when a Virtual Dimension is selected.

For more information, see Virtual Dimensions in OLAP below, under the heading In-Memory DB (OLAP).

Shortcut to Subset Editor in Select Elements dialog

When creating or editing a view, you can now open the Subset Editor directly from the Select Elements dialog. (49202)

Subset Editor shortcut in Select Elements dialog

IN PREVIEW: sorting and filtering for rows in Jedox Views

In Jedox Views, you can now sort and filter elements shown in the View rows. Sorting and filtering is accessible via the context menu on row elements in a View. Elements can be sorted by name or attribute; they can be filtered by attribute; and specific elements from the existing View can be checked to additionally filter the view.

This feature is currently in preview and can be enabled via the setting "View Filtering" in the Jedox Web Settings Manager. (40257)

Improvements to accessibility in Jedox Web

Jedox 2021.2 now fully supports Criteria D of Section 1194.21 of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Jedox Web uses standard HTML and WAI-ARIA attributes to describe the identity, operation, and state of the user interface elements to the assistive technologies.

GA: elements grid in Modeler optimized for large dimensions

Performance of large, highly nested dimensions in Modeler has been optimized with this feature, in preview since Jedox 2021.1 and now generally available (GA). Once turned on (with feature key Modeler optimization), large dimensions expand much more quickly. (41242)

ATTN: change in password-length-validation handling

Password-length validation has been removed from the Edit User dialog. OLAP validation is used for password validation. (47581)

IN PREVIEW / ATTN: change of format for rule import/export file format

When using import/export functionality for rules in the Rule Editor, the file format for exported rules will be changed. Instead of exporting a *.txt file, a database script will be created. The import of rules in the Rule Editor will also only support import of database scripts containing rule definitions. This feature is in preview in 21.2 and can be enabled by turning on the Preview option in Jedox Web Settings. (46472)

Improved UI for "time period" control

The UI for time period (used in multiple places in Jedox Web, including audit, server metrics, and logs) has been improved to enhanced usability of the controls. (43876)

OLAP List display for calculation listblock

To improve visual clarity, the display for calculation listblocks has been changed. (47445)

Handling of empty coordinates in Views changed

In previous versions of Jedox, empty coordinates were only allowed for dimensions with default read elements. With 2021.2, empty coordinates are allowed for any dimension that has a single element in the Views. (48748)

Detach View now works correctly with hidden dimensions

Detach View now works correctly in scenarios where dimensions in a view are not shown in the header, but have a specific element selected. (33634)

Weight limit of elements in Modeler increased to 8 decimal places

In previous Jedox versions, the weight of elements in Modeler was limited to 4 decimal places. In Jedox 21.2, the limit has been increased to 8 decimal places. (48900)

Dates and duration of Scheduler Template can now be formatted

When assigning a template, you can now use the variables ${duration} and ${dates} to format the output. (48705)

More readable number formatting for object properties in Modeler

In Jedox 2021.2, formatting has been applied to the numeric object properties in Modeler with thousand separators, to make the values more readable, and the formatting is localized based on the current user's locale. For example, the number of cells in a cube might appear as 462.438.253.827 or : 462,438,253,827. (40139)

New REST-based version of Macro Engine wrapper

A new, REST-based version of the Macro Engine wrapper for Integrator is available and can be used with the "integrator-rest" library. The existing "integrator" library (using SOAP API of Integrator) is still the default, i.e., existing macros will behave as before.

In 21.3, the REST-based version will become the default, and the SOAP version will require using a specific library, demanding a change in existing macro code.

In 21.4, the SOAP-based wrapper will be removed entirely. (48381)

Indication of variable passwords

Passwords that are referenced from a variable are now indicated as such. (36431)

Data preview for tree-based sources now has default value

"NONE" is now set as the default value for the Format field in Data Preview for tree-based sources (see screenshot below). (43907)

Jedox Cloud

Added support for VPN connections in Cloud Console

The Cloud Console for Jedox Cloud now has a self-service option to disconnect and reconnect a VPN connection. (49507)

Added support for BYOK in SFTP connections

BYOK is now supported for SFTP connections. Buttons for changing and deleting the client key are in the Connection section of the Cloud console. (49274)

Added support for IP filtering in SFTP connections

Users can now self-manage the IP addresses that are allowed to connect to their Jedox Cloud instance through SFTP. (49267)

Excel Add-in

Warning for outdated versions of Excel Add-in

When connecting to the In-Memory DB, the version of Excel Add-in is checked. If the version is no longer supported, an error message appears. (49522)

Changes to Header element picker

The subset option "Enforce stored subset definition" has been removed from the element picker. Also, the alias display in the View Header element picker now shows the correct alias. (47403)

Token for Excel connection no longer needed

As of Jedox 2021.2, a token is no longer required to connect from Excel to Jedox. (48672)


A new function is available in Jedox Excel Add-in: PALO.SETDATAC. Similar to PALO.DATAC, the calculation of the SETDATAC formula first "collects" all instances of the formula for a specific cube, and then executes the change of data in a single request. This leads to improved performance, especially in scenarios where connections with high network latency to remote servers are in use.

The arguments to the SETDATAC function are identical to PALO.SETDATA. (48035)

GA: Web dialog for Paste View in Excel

In preview since Jedox 2020.4, the Paste View dialog is now generally available as a Web dialog, with the full set of features available in Jedox Web. ( 49313)

In-Memory DB (OLAP)

IN PREVIEW: Virtual Dimensions in OLAP

With Virtual Dimensions, you can use attributes to pivot data or consolidate elements, and write back to the database. All updates and structural changes to the virtual dimension are managed automatically, based on changes to the original dimension. (45040)

Also supported are writeback, multicore aggregation, and use of DFilter.

Limitations of Virtual Dimensions:

  • Virtual Dimensions are system-generated and cannot be edited manually.
  • If an attribute value is empty for a specific product, it could be left out of the consolidation completely or grouped under "Unassigned -[attribute name]".

Change in password functionality for SAML

SAML users can no longer change their own password in User Settings. With the required rights level, users can change their passwords in the Administration area. (48318)

ATTN: OLAP enforces currently supported versions of Excel Add-in

Jedox OLAP now checks the version used by Excel Add-in clients that try to connect and rejects unsupported versions. See Support Lifecycle for all currently supported versions of Jedox. (49595)

New request tracing feature for debugging purposes

Request tracing can be enabled in palo.ini with the variable trace <logname>. Once enabled, a trace log file will be created in the olap/data directory for each opened port per startup. (49071)

ATTN: string cells written via Integrator cube loads are no longer audited

String cells written via Integrator cube loads are no longer logged in audit data. This behavior is now consistent with that of numeric cells, which have never been included in audit data. (47698)

Improved handling for NO_ERROR clauses in database scripts

String functions in database scripts have been optimized and streamlined when NO_ERROR clause is used. They no longer return error messages for non-matching character count arguments, but rather return the "best effort" result. (48950)

Hash login now disabled by default

The login to In-Memory DB via the API using a hashed password is not possible anymore. (41938)

GA: subsets stored with View XML schema

The Subset Editor will store subsets using the View XML schema rather than the legacy Subset XML schema. The View XML schema offers several advantages; for example, the stored subset remains stable when attributes are recreated while using AFilter. (43130)

This feature has been in preview since Jedox 2020.4 and is now generally available (GA).

Existing subsets automatically converted to View XML schema

Jedox 2020.4 introduced subset storage with View XML schema (see previous entry). This feature was in preview, and conversion of existing subsets had to be activated with a feature flag.

In-Memory DB will now always convert stored subsets on startup to the new xml format, and the Subset Editor will also use this format when working with stored subsets. This change does not influence the result of subsets. (48037)

New option to disable Breakpad crash handler

Breakpad is an alternative to the OS crash handler and is used by default. For better debugging of released binaries, there is now a palo.ini option disable-dump that disables the Breakpad crash handler in order to "fall back" to the OS crash handler. Disabling Breakpad results in a WARNING log entry, as it removes the possibility of sending crash reports. (49069)


Additional functions for AITransform

Two new functions are available for the AITransform:

  • AIssistedDataPreparation manipulates missing values and identifies/replaces outliers based on user input to calculate results.

  • AIssistedForecast uses outlier detection, interpolation, and extrapolation services based on user input to prepare the data and forecast values.

Both functions are available in the Integrator UI. (49346)

Power BI and OneDrive connections authenticate via OAuth2 token

In prior versions, Power BI and OneDrive only allowed user authentication (username/password), which was problematic if passwords expired. With Jedox 2021.2, Power BI and OneDrive connections can be authenticated with an OAuth2 token, which is a better enterprise approach and aligns connectivity options across Integrator for these Microsoft products. (44968)

Better monitoring of parallel jobs

Integrator Monitor now shows complex parallel jobs as a nested structure, making it easier to trace their execution. (23200)

"All output columns" option now available for non-persisted cases in TableJoin

The option "All output columns" is now available for persisted and non-persisted cases in TableJoin transforms. In previous Jedox versions, the option "All output columns" was not available for non-persisted cases. (45999)

ATTN: Secure Network Communications (SNC) to be deprecated

SNC is being deprecated and will no longer be supported for SAP connections as of Jedox version 2021.3. (48278)

Time zone added to Integrator Monitor execution list

The Integrator Monitor execution list "Start time" column now shows the user's relative UTC time, e.g. "Start time (UTC +2)". (45123)

Filename pattern for Export in Data Preview has changed

The naming convention used when exporting data in the Data Preview UI has changed from the generic "ETLDataPreview.csv" to now include the source name. (47646)

For example: ETLData_sampleBiker_Years_extract.csv

New authentication mode for OAuthToken connections

A new authentication method, oauth2RefreshToken, is available for OAuthToken connections. (48205)

Automatic assignment of namespace in scope of variables

When entering the FQN of a model, the namespace is now automatically assigned; it is unnecessary for the user to enter the namespace manually. (49523)

Improved error handling for Integrator Server connection

The Integrator REST API now enables better error handling in the Integrator UI, using error codes returned by Integrator Server in several scenarios (47341). This improved error handling has several benefits:

  • Users and/or Support will have more relevant information for troubleshooting.
  • Prevents scenarios where, in case of an error, multiple, possibly confusing message prompts/popups are shown.

Excel loads can handle password-protected XLSX files

Excel loads using Update, Create, or Add mode now process password-protected XLSX files. (48524)

Default load modes for Dimension Load

In a Dimension Load, when an Elements mode is selected and the fields for Consolidations mode and Attributes mode are empty, those fields are automatically populated with the default load modes. For Elements modes update, add, insert, delete, and inactive, the Consolidations and Attributes modes are populated with the same mode as Elements. For Elements mode create, Consolidations mode is populated with update and Attributes mode is updated with create. (43369)

Table Denormalization without aggregation function

Table Denormalization transforms can now denormalize values on a row without having to use an aggregation function, as long as the source rows are ordered. (47134)

Updated SVS samples for Drillthrough

The sample scripts for Drillthrough have been updated. They now use the Integrator REST API instead of SOAP API ( and Also, sample has been removed. (40762)

Setup & Configuration

"Trial only" mode for Windows setup

Starting with the on-premises release of Jedox 2021.2 (scheduled for July 7, 2021), only a trial setup will be available publicly. This setup installs the current version of Jedox software with full functionality, but does not allow upgrading an existing installation.

For Jedox customers and partners the full production installation for Jedox setups will be available in the Jedox Support Portal and the Jedox Partner Portal. (49432)

Current patch number now specified in version information

The Excel Add-in setup now includes the current patch number of the setup in the version information. (49214)

OData Hub

ATTN: improved stored views for OData Hub

Jedox 2021.2 features improved stored views for the OData Hub by adding support for Views with lists and Views with excluded dimensions. Fetching stored views from the OData Hub works as before.

This update also comes with a breaking change: the "path" column in View Tables has been renamed to "id". The type of this column has been changed from string to GUID. The value of this column is a randomly generated but unique ID and is not persistent during table reloads. Existing models that use the "path" column may require the user to adapt this change to work after the update.

AIssisted™ Planning

New AI wizard: Driver Analysis Wizard

The Driver Analysis Wizard suggests the drivers with the highest influence on a measure to get insights on data dependencies and ensure better results when used with AIssisted™ Driver-Based Prediction Wizard or custom rule setups.

Updates to AIssisted™ Planning Wizard

  • Scenario Support for all Wizards: The ability to create multiple AI setups on one Jedox cube has been extended to all Wizards.
  • Updated UI for all Wizards: the model has been updated with the help of our UI/UX team for a cleaner look and a more intuitive design to help users walk through prediction setups more quickly.

Additional AIssisted™ Planning Services

Two new functions are available through the AIssisted™ Planning services:

  • Optimization Engine Service offers different optimization engines with the possibility to gain optimal results given constraints and a target function as well as a simulation engine (Monte Carlo Simulation).
  • Recurrent Neural Network Service (RNN) takes multiple time series as inputs to predict one or more time series as an output. It adds onto the driver-based prediction approach by also considering the temporality of the data.

Technical Health

In Jedox Version 2021.2, the following components were updated:



Apache HTTPD

Apache Tomcat

PHP Apache

PHP SSS 5.6.39 / 7.3.24

Tasks implemented since release 2021.1

The following issues (features, tweaks, and bugs) reported in Jedox 2021.1 have been fixed/implemented in Jedox 2021.2. The development team thanks those customers and partners who have reported issues.



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Excel Add-in


Office Add-in


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Updated July 16, 2021