Quickstart with Jedox Excel Add-in

Jedox comes with a demo database that you can use to quickly create a Jedox database view.

Creating a Jedox Database View

  1. Open a blank Excel workbook;
  2. Select the command "New View" in the Jedox Ribbon. This command allows you to easily create Jedox database views on a worksheet.
  3. In the dialog box, select which dimensions and elements you want to see and how they should be arranged;
  4. With drag and drop, move the dimensions from the page area (current location) to the row titles or column titles areas:

    Paste view setup screenshot

  5. Move the dimension "Products" to the row titles area and the dimension "Regions" to the column titles area.

Pasting and Changing a View

  1. Click the "Paste" button. You will get the following view (the value in C11 may differ, depending on the stored demo database values of the current installation):

    Basic view screenshot

  2. By using the following techniques you can easily change the view:
    Double-click B11: Expands rows.
    Double-click C9: Expands columns.
    You can change the element of the Month, Years, Versions, and Measures header dimensions by double-clicking on C6, D6, E6, or F6:

    Complex view screenshot

    A more detailed description of the Paste View Dialog in Excel Add-in you can find here.

Updated February 17, 2022