Additional Spreadsheet Server Configuration

The most important configuration options for the Jedox Web Core Server are defined in the file ...\core\config.xml (Windows) or .../core-Linux-i686/etc/config.xml (Linux). That the service must be restarted for changes to take effect.

Important: configuration files are replaced when Jedox software is updated. You should therefore maintain a backup of your configuration files, so you can replace them after an update.

Logging Configuration

You can configure the logging information about the Spreadsheet Server. For more information, see General Information about the Log Files.

Additional Configurations

Behavior Parameter Description Config file
Session timeout <session><timeout seconds="300"/> Defines the time in seconds after which an orphaned user session will be closed (this is a session with no logout, where the browser window was simply closed).

...\core\config.xml (Windows)

.../core-Linux-i686/etc/config.xml (Linux)

Autosave interval <autosave> <interval seconds="900"/> Defines the intervals at which the core creates a copy of the currently opened and modified Jedox spreadsheets (designer mode only).

...\core\config.xml (Windows)

.../core-Linux-i686/etc/config.xml (Linux)

Independent calculation scope <view_independent_calculation scope="worksheet"> Possible options: worksheet, workbook, application.
Normally formulas are only calculated for the visible area (plus dependent ones).
You can set an extension of the calculation range. But an extension should be made only when necessary because the performance will suffer.
With the entry "worksheet" (default entry) the calculations are limited to the previous formulas in the current worksheet.
With the entry "workbook" the calculations are limited to the previous formulas in the current file.
With the entry "application" all previous formulas are calculated in all opened files of the current Jedox session.

...\core\config.xml (Windows)

.../core-Linux-i686/etc/config.xml (Linux)

Maximum number of CPU threads (default is 8)


Example: <tcp address="" port="8193" threads="8"/>

By default, Spreadsheet Server will use a maximum of 8 CPU threads to calculate requests from multiple users in parallel (calculation includes scenarios where Spreadsheet Server is waiting for response from e.g. In-Memory DB). Further incoming requests are queued.

Note: since the CPU threads will generate a little overhead even if idle, the number should not be set arbitrarily high. A rule of thumb is to align it with the number of available CPU cores.

...\core\ajp_server_config.xml (Windows)

.../core-Linux-i686/etc/ajp_server_config.xml (Linux)

Maximum result size of subsets(default is 65,336 elements) <max_result_size>256000</max_result_size> In Jedox Web, the maximum result size of subsets, such as in ComboBoxes, is limited to 65,336 elements by default.


(under the section <palo_configuration>)

Integrator Address for Macros <etl_service url="" /> Defines the address of Integrator Server in the current environment, to enable usage of the variable $_JEDOX['ETL_SERVICE_URL'] in the Macro Engine.

...\core\config.xml (Windows)

.../core-Linux-i686/etc/config.xml (Linux)

Updated September 23, 2021