Tracepoints trace values in an extract or transform based on predefined criteria. When Tracepoints have been enabled for a particular value, the developer can then review the TraceLog to see interactively how the traced value has changed during the process.

Trace Monitor in Jedox Integrator

Tracepoints work with the following Jedox Integrator tasks:

  • Extracts
  • FieldTransform
  • Groovy jobs
  • TableView with filter
  • TableNormalization without aggregation

The following constraints should be noted:

  • Tracepoints do NOT work with aggregations, sorting, trees, and LOOKUP functions.
  • Tracepoints are not copied along with dependencies.
  • If the column name of an input changes, the Tracepoint must be updated.

Tracepoints are a powerful tool for debugging Integrator processes, and should be used outside of the production environment. Tracepoints can be established in pre-production and then be deactivated or deleted once the project enters production. The Tracepoints can be reactivated at a later time if necessary.