Jedox OData Hub Overview

Jedox OData Hub is a cloud-based service that allows third-party systems to consume Jedox information on demand. It provides a scalable, powerful approach for integrating Jedox data dynamically with other corporate tools, such as:

  • Power BI
  • Qlik
  • Salesforce
  • Tableau
  • Excel (Power Query)

Jedox OData Hub requires a separate license. If you already have an existing Power BI, Qlik, Salesforce, or Tableau license for Jedox, then a standard OData license (capped at 100k rows per month) is included as a part of your license. An enterprise OData Hub license (uncapped rows) is also available. Please contact your Jedox sales representative for more information.

Requirements for using Jedox OData Hub:

  • Jedox version 2020.3 or later; the Flat API requires version 2020.4.1 or later.
  • OData is only available for the new Jedox Cloud infrastructure.

How Jedox OData Hub works

Jedox OData Hub creates a direct connection between Jedox and third-party systems, allowing customers to work with integrated data in different platforms. The third-party systems can only be cloud based.

There are two different ways to connect to the service: Flat API and Hierarchical API. Both ways expose a different structure.

Flat API

We recommend using the Flat API when using simple clients like Tableau, Salesforce, and Microsoft Power BI. It exposes all dimensions, cubes, and stored views in one list. The Flat API is designed to be as simple as possible and to support most OData consumers.

To access the Flat API, the service needs to be accessed like this:


Hierarchical API

The Hierarchical API is recommended whenever you need more control over the data you request. The Hierarchical API contains additional information about the dimensions, cubes, and views that you can request.

To access the Hierarchical API, the service needs to be accessed like this:


The Hierarchical API is designed to be used especially for third-party development or when building complicated models in Microsoft Power BI.

Please note that the Hierarchical API makes use of OData's navigation properties, which are not supported by all OData consumers.


Jedox OData Hub implements the OData v4 standard using JSON. It is only available for cloud machines and can be reached at https://odata.{InstanceId}


When using Jedox OData Hub, the names of the requested resources cannot contain any of the following characters: % & ' # (space). If a resource name contains an illegal character, some client tools might cause errors. Also, the $filter query option will not work if the referenced dimension name contains an illegal character.

The following Jedox features are in preview and are not supported for use in the Jedox OData Hub:

  • Stored views that use Lists
  • Stored views that hide one or more dimensions

More information

Updated March 12, 2021