Workflow in the Human Resources Model


The workflow implementation in the model helps the users for the collection of planning data. The workflow restricts the write access in reports in a timely manner. Users can only enter and modify planning data within workflow activities. Outside these activities, the modification is inhibited. This enables a workflow administrator to gain control on modifications and ensures data integrity.

The workflow feature is implemented in multiple models. The major workflow principles apply to all models.

Each data package to be collected under workflow control is represented by a workflow task. The data package is defined by the model, the version and the time frame which is a single year in most cases. The tasks for the human resources model would be as follows:

  • Human Resources Mid-Term Planning 2017 – 2019
  • Human Resources Budget 2017
  • Human Resources 3+9 2016

Note: The tasks must be created in advance when the workflow is used to collect data packages for specific versions or years.

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