SSO Configuration of Jedox Server on Windows


Configuration steps:

1.) To activate the SupervisionServer(SVS) add in <install_path>\Jedox Suite\olap\data\palo.ini the following lines:

worker "<Install_path_Jedox_Suite>\svs\SupervisionServer.exe"
workerlogin information

and one of the following parameters:

windows-sso  (enables SSO Authorization Mode)

windows-sso-authentication (enables SSO Authentication Mode)

2.) Restart “JedoxSuiteMolapService”.

3.) Change in <install_path>\Jedox Suite\httpd\app\etc\config.php the value of the following parameter to:

define('CFG_AUTH_SSO', true);

Requirements for „Data Driven Modeling“ as of 7.0 SR2

In order to use „Data Driven Modeling“ in an environment with Windows Single Sign On it’s necessary to create a global OLAP connection which is used in the Integrator project. To be automatically detected and used, the connection must be called “localhost_sso”.


Next SSO configuration step: Creation of SSO Authorization Mode or SSO Authentication Mode

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