Reverting Data Entries (Undo)


Jedox OLAP Server allows reverting planning actions, including splashing actions. To undo such an action, you first need to lock an area of the cube where you are entering data. While the cube area is locked, other users will not be able to enter data in that area.

In Excel, these commands can be found on the Jedox Ribbon:

Mark a cell area where values from the cube are displayed, as in the screenshot below, then click on the button “Set reference for undo”.

The other three buttons are now active:

Reverts the last change. You can also undo several steps in sequence.

Undo all changes since setting the reference area for undo, then removes the Undo lock.

Writes all changes to the OLAP cube and then removes the Undo lock.

Important notes:
  • You can only set one undo reference for each Excel session.
  • After you set an undo reference, it is not possible for other users to enter or change values in this area. Only after canceling  the undo reference will the area be open for entries from other users.
  • Before you quit Excel, you should also decide to commit or to undo all changes. Otherwise, all changes are automatically undone when you quit Excel or when the user session ends.
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