Session Management of Jedox OLAP


Every new login in Jedox OLAP creates a new session in the database. This session is assigned a 32-character, alphanumeric session ID, which client components use in further requests. An expiration time for sessions is configurable. Default value is 300 seconds (5 minutes), meaning that sessions will be invalidated by the OLAP server after the session has been idle for 300 seconds. The idle time starts after OLAP server has returned the result of the session’s last request.

The configuration of Jedox OLAP can be changed in the file palo.ini. This file is located in the directory data of the Jedox installation (by default C:\Program Files\Jedox\Jedox Suite\olap\data). In this directory, you will also find the sample file palo.ini.sample. There you will find a short description of the available parameters.

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