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The Sales Model addresses revenue and sales-related costs. The measures cover driver-based calculations from sales-related volumes and prices up to the contribution margin. The facts are aligned to articles, customers, and sales channels. Actual figures are stored in the main cube, Sales, while planning figures are collected with lesser dimensions in the Sales Planning cube. The backlogs of sales orders, non-invoiced orders, and open payments can be monitored in a third cube, Sales Order Backlog. Amounts are stored in source currency and can be converted into one or multiple reporting currencies. Actuals may be imported from source systems or entered manually. Collection processes that involve users being responsible for a product or client segment can be controlled by an approval workflow.

Technical Documentation



Sales Cube

Sales Planning Cube

Sales Order Backlog Cube

Daily Exchange Rates Cube

Exchange Rates Cube

Fact Cube Using Currency Conversion

_WF Task Definition Cube

_WF Task Assignments (Customer) Cube

_WF Task Status (Customer) Cube

Business Logic

Version Blending

KPI Calculations (by Version) for Sales Cube

KPI Calculations (by Version) for Sales Planning Cube

KPI Calculations for Sales Order Backlog Cube

Previous Year

Currency Conversion

Semi-Additive Measures (Sales Model)

Workflow in the Sales Model


Import Exchange Rates Interfaces


Sales Actual

Sales Mid-Term Planning

Sales Gross Earnings

Sales Gross Revenue

Sales Commission

Sales Costs and Contributions Margin

Sales Legal Entity Breakdown

Sales Time Series

Administration Reports

Legal Entity Administration Report

Exchange Rates Report

Importing Exchange Rates

Forecast Initialization Report for Sales


Getting Started with the Sales Model

Setting Up the Sales Model


Sales Cube

Article Dimension

Customer Dimension

Sales Channel Dimension

Sales_measure Dimension

Sales Planning Cube

Article Dimension

Customer Dimension

Sales Planning_measure Dimension

Sales Order Backlog Cube

Sales Order Status Dimension

Sales Order Backlog_measure Dimension

Currency Conversion

Setting Up the Available Source Currencies

Setting up the Target Currencies

Configuration of Conversion Types

Setting Up Additional Conversion Types

Conversion from Implicit Local Currency

Conversion from Explicit Source Currency

Comparison of Currency Conversions

Synchronizing Exchange Rates in Forecast and Budget Versions

Exchange Rates



_WF Task Dimension

_WF Activity Dimension

Assigning Activities to User Groups


Configuring Design Elements

Version Dimension

Month Dimension

Day Dimension

Legal Entity Dimension


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