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This report displays the mapping of PnL Accounts to BS Accounts and how projections are allocated to these accounts within a period of time.

The heading area of the report displays the following fields:

Field Description 


Name of the report.


Current PoV selection.


 Link to  the Projected Balance Sheet Projection Configuration.

Report Columns

 The screenshot below shows a report displaying several PnL Accounts mapped to BS Accounts with the corresponding projection term and tax allocation. 



 PnL Account  Displays the account number and name of the PnL Account that the projection was written to.
 Type  Indicates whether the account is for Income or Expenses.
 BS Account  Displays the account number of the BS Account that the PnL Account is mapped to.
 Name  Displays the name of the BS Account mapped to the PnL Account.
 Type  Indicates whether the account is under the Assets or Liabilities side of the ledger.
 Term (1-4)  Time period of projection allocation.
 Share (1-4) Share of allocation for each term.
 Tax Account  Tax account number.
 Tax  Tax percentage.
 Name  Name of tax.                         

Additional columns are shown in the screenshot below.



Type   Indicates whether the tax account is under the Assets or Liabilities side of the ledger.                                            
Term Tax… / Tax…  Time period of tax allocation.
Cash  Indicates the account number that the amount is credited or debited from.
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