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The Jedox Projected Balance Sheet model simplifies complex integrated financial planning to support budgeting and forecasting. This Jedox Premium Model includes the same functionality as the basic Jedox Balance Sheet model plus additional content to enable projections for a forward-looking, fully integrated financial planning solution. The Premium Model integrates changes on balance sheet items from multiple PnL accounts for all planning versions. It also features the calculation of future tax liabilities as well as the projection of proceeds and payments based on payment schedules.

Jedox Models are highly configurable best-practice applications. They store amounts in a source currency and convert them into one or multiple reporting currencies. Data can be either imported from source systems or entered manually.

Technical Documentation



Balance Sheet Cube

Daily Exchange Rates Cube

Exchange Rates Cube

Fact Cube Using Currency Conversion

Projection Configuration Cube

Business Logic

Version Blending

KPI Calculations (by Version) for Balance Sheet Cube

Previous Year

Currency Conversion (Balance Sheet Model) 

Integration of Detail-Planning Cubes (Balance Sheet Cube)

Semi-Additive Measures (Projected Balance Sheet Model)

Debit Credit Shift

Actions on Journal Entries

         Posting Journal


Import Exchange Rates Interfaces


Projected Balance Sheet Actual Report

Projected Balance Sheet Forecast Report

Projected Balance Sheet Mid-Term Planning Report

Projected Balance Sheet Budget Report

Projected Balance Sheet Legal Entity Breakdown Report

Projected Balance Sheet Time Series Report

Projected Balance Sheet Posting Journal

         Projected Balance Sheet Posting Journal Details

Administration Reports

          Projected Balance Sheet Projection Configuration

          Projected Balance Sheet PnL Account Configuration

Legal Entity Administration Report

Exchange Rates Report

Projected Balance Sheet Initialization Report

Import Exchange Rates Report


Getting Started with the Projected Balance Sheet Model

Setting Up the Projected Balance Sheet Model


Balance Sheet Cube

BS Account Dimension

Transaction Type Dimension

Posting Journal Configuration Dimension

     Projection Configuration Cube

Batch Procedure Configuration Dimension

Currency Conversion

Setting Up the Available Source Currencies

Setting up the Target Currencies

Configuration of Conversion Types

Setting Up Additional Conversion Types

Conversion from Implicit Local Currency

Conversion from Explicit Source Currency

Comparison of Currency Conversions

Synchronizing Exchange Rates in Forecast and Budget Versions

Exchange Rates



Configuring Design Elements

Version Dimension

Month Dimension

Day Dimension

Legal Entity Dimension



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