Planning Assistant: Splashing


The Splashing option in the Planning Assistant distributes a user-defined value in a consolidated cell across all the base cells in the aggregation. 

The table below describes the various Splashing settings.

New Value: Absolute X
  Default Current cell receives the new value X; is equivalent to #X.
  Add Value to Cell (##) X will be added to the current cell value. The new value Y = old value + X; is equivalent to: ##X.
  Set value to base cells (!) Each basic cell of the selected cell receives the new value X; is equivalent to !X.
  Add value to base cells (!!) X will be added to each basic cell of the selected cell; is equivalent to !!X.
  Delete Value  
New Value: Percentage (add)
  Add Value to Cell (##) The current cell receives a new value Y,with Y = old value + old value*X%; is equivalent to: ##X%.
New Value: Percentage (adjust)
  Default (#) The current cell receives a new value Y, with Y = old value*X%; is equivalent to: #X%.


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