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Navigation Bar and Browsing through the Application

Initially when you login to the application, the Favorites screen appears. This screen displays all the content that was marked as favorite. These can include Reports, Ad-Hoc Reports, Documents, or Folders (groups and mixes of each of those). If the Favorites screen is empty, i.e., no content is marked as favorite for the current user, the App will automatically switch to the Reports screen.

You can open the navigation bar by swiping from the left side of the screen to the right or clicking on the menu button on the top left corner. In the upper part of the navigation bar, there are buttons used to switch between four main screens within the application:

  • Favorites (described above)
  • Reports: shows all Jedox Web reports inside the default report group for that user (see Jedox Web documentation for more information on this)
  • Ad-Hoc Reports: shows all Ad-Hoc Reports available for current user
  • Documents: shows all Documents stored inside Jedox Web and available for the current user. This can be third-party content not managed by Jedox, e.g. PDF, PPT, Images, etc.

Reports, Ad-Hoc Reports, and Documents screens share the same layout. Objects are represented with object tiles aligned to a grid that adjusts depending on the size and layout of the display on the target device.

There are four tabs on each screen used to filter out content:

  • All: shows all objects, no filter is applied.
  • Favorites: shows only objects marked as favorite.
  • History: shows recently used objects.
  • Modified: shows recently modified objects.

In addition to this basic filtering, additional search criteria can be applied. There is a search field in the top right corner. Typing in a search term will narrow the search results.

You can pull down on each screen to refresh the list of objects, fetching the updated content.

Tapping on the object icon will open the object. Tapping on the star icon will mark the object as favorite.

In the lower part of the navigation bar are the Settings and Logout buttons.


The Settings dialog enables the user to control some aspects of the application as well as display information about the product:

  • Filter by device: when enabled it will display only reports which are tagged with an appropriate tag. Currently tags tablet and phone are supported. Please see document Tags for more details about tagging mobile reports for use on mobile devices.
  • Load with predefined orientation: when enabled it will try to force layout which is tagged for report. Currently tags landscape and portrait are supported.
  • Show visual feedback for touches: when enabled it will display touch feedback (circle) at the spot where the user has touched the screen.
  • About: shows information about the product.
  • Version information

The logout button will terminate the current session and lead the user to the initial screen with the login mask.

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