Jedox Production Cloud


Jedox Cloud provides you with fast and complete Performance Management platform in the cloud. Within the Jedox Cloud you can enjoy full Jedox functionality on demand.

Connection to Cloud Console

You can use the Jedox Cloud Console to administer your Jedox Cloud instances.

After your registration, you will receive an email with a link to activate your personal Cloud instance. Follow the link to login with your email and password.

You will receive the Jedox Cloud Console with 3 tabs: Overview, Machine Data, and Settings.

Overview tab

This tab shows information about your production Cloud instance and an optional Cloud instance for testing purposes. Both instances include a single-click option to create a backup of Cloud instance data


Each instance has the following 3 buttons (red arrows):

  1. Shut down Cloud instance
  2. Restart Cloud instance
  3. Download latest snapshot of data from your Cloud instance
Machine Data tab

You see here your host values. Furthermore, there is a button to obtain a copy of your running Excel Add-in and a button to show/hide your password and security token.

Settings tab

Here you can change your password and set your maintenance time (time to shut down your Cloud instance and back up your data).

Cloud Console - Settings

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