Jedox Mobile FAQ


How can I get access to Jedox Mobile for use in my company?

First of all, you will need a Jedox Suite account for your company. In addition, you will need the native Jedox Mobile Client Application.

The Mobile Client Application can be downloaded using the app store for your mobile device. For example you can find the Jedox Mobile App for iPad in the Apple AppStore.

To test Jedox Mobile, you don’t need the Jedox Suite. You can just use the ready-to-run sample applications in the Jedox Cloud Demo setup, which is included with the Mobile Client.

How does the connection to Jedox OLAP work?

The Jedox Mobile Application connects to the Jedox OLAP server using http (or https). Jedox Suite handles the connections to the Jedox OLAP Server using the fast native API.

To use Jedox Mobile via UMTS or Wi-Fi (internet connection), the Jedox Suite has to be accessible for the Jedox Mobile App. Firewall settings etc. may need to be adjusted.

How many cubes can I access?

There is no limitation. A connection is always made to one Jedox OLAP server during one session. All databases and cubes available on this server can be accessed.

Can I change the layout of the Jedox Mobile Ad-Hoc Reports?

You can change the layout of the Power Grid view.

Where is my data stored?

All data is stored in Jedox OLAP Cubes on the Jedox OLAP Server instance accessed by Jedox Mobile. Documents (PDF, PPT, etc.) may be stored offline on the device in a dedicated, secure app storage if opted for storing login credentials during login.

How is Jedox Mobile secured?

Please read article Jedox Mobile – Security for more details.

Solutions for some problems:

I cannot see any reports!

Please either tag your reports with “phone” or “tablet” tags according to the device type your report is optimized for (see [Link zu Tags in Jedox Mobile Artikel] for more details) or deactivate the “Filter by device” option in the Jedox Mobile settings.

My account gets deactivated due to a limited number of failed retries when entering my credentials in the account wizard.

When creating a new account and entering the account credentials, every time a new character is entered, the app checks in background if the credentials are already valid. If the number of failed login attempts is limited e.g. by an Active Directory group policy this may lead to the account getting deactivated.

Android: Is it possible to deactivate the auto-check in the credentials step to prevent the account from being deactivated. This can be done in the credentials step by long-pressing somewhere in the white space below the credentials text fields. A red symbol will appear indicating the status of the auto-check.

iOS: You can deactivate the auto-check in the new-account-screen by long-pressing right next to the password text field. A red symbol will appear indicating the status of the auto-check.

I see the “Jedox Cloud (Demo)” account in the login screen, but I can’t add my own accounts.

Just tap on the active account to open a menu where you can switch between existing accounts or add new ones.

I can’t add new or delete existing ad-hoc-reports.
I can’t set items like reports, ad-hoc-reports or documents as a favorite.
I can’t drag&drop items.

Please contact your Jedox administrator to check if you have at least the rights described in Access Rights for Jedox Mobile for the respective actions.

I can’t set a custom wallpaper to the login screen / change the colors of the app.

Please read article Settings for Jedox Mobile for more details on how to change the theme of Jedox Mobile.

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