Jedox Mobile Client Login Options


After installing Jedox Mobile on your device, you are welcomed by the following login screen:

In the login screen, you initially have two options:

  1. Log in directly to the demo cloud connection Jedox Mobile is shipped with. This makes sense if you don’t have your own Jedox server running yet and still want to check out the app. In this case just tap on the “LOGIN” button (1).
  2. Create a new connection to your own server. To do so, just tap on the active account (2) and the account selector will appear:

Choose “Add account” (3) and either choose “On Premises” or “Jedox Cloud” at the top of the screen.

On Premises
Please enter your server connection and your Jedox credentials in the following screen:

If your connection and credentials are valid, the app gives you visual feedback with a green checkmark. Otherwise, a red cross indicates that something went wrong with either the server connection or the authentication.

Jedox Cloud (This only makes sense for trial users of the Jedox Cloud or administrators!)
If you are using the Jedox Cloud, please select “Jedox Cloud” at the top of the screen and enter the email address and the password you use to log in to the cloud console to easily log in to the Jedox Cloud without having to find out the cloud’s server address and credentials. In a multi-user scenario, you will still have to find out the cloud’s server address in the cloud console and enter the credentials your administrator has set up for you in Jedox Web in the “On Premises” section.

After successfully entering your “On Premises” or “Jedox Cloud” credentials, tap on “Next” to proceed to the following screen:

You can enter a name for your new account here and choose to store the account’s password and whether you want to automatically log in to the account and whether you want to use Touch ID security.

Store password
If you choose this option, you don’t have to enter the account password every time you want to log in to the account. Please don’t choose this option if your device is accessed by persons who aren’t allowed to log in to your Jedox account.

Auto login
If checked, Jedox Mobile automatically logs in to the last used account without showing the login screen again. You can disable this feature later by logging out of the active session and editing your account.

Enable Touch ID (This option is only available on devices with Touch ID support!)
If checked, your Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) is required every time you want to log in. This adds another layer of security to your account. In some cases, it might be sufficient to save the password but require the Touch ID in order to log in.

After successfully creating a new account, the new account will appear in the account selector:

On the right side of the active account, you can edit the account information or delete the account again.

To log in to your new account, just select it in the account selector and tap on the “LOGIN” button.

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