Updating a Jedox Installation in Windows


Before you begin:

  • Create a backup of your Jedox data (spreadsheets, reports, and DBs).
  • Create a backup of your manually adapted Jedox config files.
  • You must have administrator rights to install Jedox software in Windows.
  • You must have administrator rights to install Jedox software in Windows.
  • You must use a setup file for an installation of Jedox 7.1 (SRx) (possible file names: Jedox_7_1.exe, Jedox_2018_x.exe).
  • Before you upgrade a production system, we recommend that you perform the update on a test system and check it with appropriate plausibility tests.
  • We recommend stopping all Jedox services before you upgrade your installation. See Jedox Web Services for more information.

If the existing Jedox components are from version 7.0 (SRx):

You do not have to uninstall these components; they will be updated with the setup program.

If you do not change the identified paths and settings during the installation, then the existing databases and the existing settings will be preserved. In this case it is not necessary to read back your saved data after you have finished the setup. If you change the paths detected, then Jedox will be installed anew without assuming the previous data.

If the existing Jedox/Palo components are older than version 7.0:

In general, we recommend updating Jedox from one main version to the next, without skipping over main versions. For example, we don’t recommend updating from Jedox version 6.0 to 7.1 SRx). Therefore, please update your data first to version 7.0. Further instructions can be found in Updating a Jedox Installation (7.0).

Main Jedox versions are all versions without additional service releases (SR). Please refer to the Knowledge Base article Support Lifecycle for more information.


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