Connection to GenericDB (JDBC)


This type allows the connection to a relational database for which no specific connection type is available. GenericDB uses the JDBC driver provided by the database manufacturer.

Main settings:


The URL JDBC connection string. The correct syntax of the URL should be found in the documentation of the database vendor.


User name for the connection to the database (optional).


Password for the connection to the database (optional).

Advanced settings:

Driver class

The Java class of the JDBC driver. (Most newer JDBC drivers don’t require the manual setting of the driver class)

Additional JDBC parameters can also be set here.

Integration of the JDBC driver

The JDBC driver’s .jar file must be copied into the Jedox Integrator installation directory: …\tomcat\webapps\etlserver\WEB-INF\lib_external. The JedoxSuiteTomcatService has to be restarted afterwards.

A list of the available JDBC drivers can be found at

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