Connection to REST Web Service


This connection allows, in a generic way, data retrieval from web services that apply to the REST (representational state transfer) architectural style. Such “RESTful APIs” are widely used by a variety of service providers.

The REST connection supports REST web services that

  • are based on HTTP
  • use the HTTP methods GET or POST (e.g. DELETE or PUT are out of scope)
  • return data either in JSON or XML format
Main settings

HTTP method


Advanced settings

Authorization methods

  • None
  • Basic: basic authentication for REST requests.
    Parameters: user and password
  • OAuth2 Client Credentials: the Open authorization Standard OAuth2 with client credentials used as Authorization Grant.
    Parameters: Key, Secret, Scope

Request body

As an alternative to simple body parameters, the complete HTTP body can be specified.

SSL Mode

verify, trust, off

Note: one specific group of supported web services are those that fulfill the OData (Open Data) Protocol. For more information, see

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