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This report shows financial amounts that are stored in the Balance Sheet cube. It focuses on the actual figures and compares these with other versions. Amounts can be shown in local currency or converted into one of the target currencies. 

Report Heading

The screenshot below points out the heading area of the Balance Sheet Actual report. The report heading updates dynamically as various reporting options are selected. The logo can be changed in Administration; see Configuring Design Elements for more on report design.

Note: due to technical limitations, the header is omitted from the report when exporting to PDF. This issue may be resolved in a future release of Jedox Suite.

The heading area of the report displays the following fields:

Field Description  Implementation


Name of the report

Localized name of the report in Report Designer


Current PoV selection

Subtitle will update as PoV selections are made


Show/hide PoV widget

Click on the arrow to display or hide point-of-view selections

Point of View (PoV) Options

The content of the report can be customized using the PoV options, which can be viewed by clicking the blue arrow at the top of the report.   

The available options are described below: 

PoV Option



Comparison Forecast (combobox)

Select a forecast.

Version dimension, filter for Stylesheet attribute equals FC

Month (combobox)

Select a reporting period (can be a year, or a month in a given year).

Elements matching the pattern yyyy, FYyyyy, FYyyyy-MM, or yyyy-MM of Month dimension

Legal Entity (combobox)

Select one single legal entity or any consolidated element.

Legal Entity dimension

Currency (combobox)

Select local currency or one of the target currencies. The selection of local currency is only available for base elements or consolidated elements of the Legal Entity dimension having a common currency.

Elements of Currency dimension matching the pattern LC and elements starting with a >  (e.g. > EUR).

LC is only available if a local currency is stored (not empty) in the Currency attribute for the selected element of the Legal Entity dimension.

Suppress Zero Lines (checkbox)

Hide accounts not having any value in the current selection.

Data filter factors the following elements:

  • Previous year, Budget, Forecast x+y, Actual elements of Version dimension
  • Element of Month dimension related to settings in Month combobox
  • Elements of Legal Entity dimension related to selected value in Legal Entity combobox
  • Elements of Currency dimension related to selected value in Currency combobox 
  • Value for slice operator 0 or 9999999

Show Adjustment (checkbox)

Show adjustments for the version Actual.

Enable entry on Adjustment in Balance Sheet_measure dimension

Show Account No. (checkbox)

Display the account number along with the account name in the row label column. Switch between Name or ID_Name attribute of BS Account dimension.

Report Columns

The columns displayed in the report depend on the selections made in the PoV area. 

Below are descriptions of the columns in the Balance Sheet Actual Report.


  • The Adjustment columns are only visible if the Adjustment option in the PoV area is checked. 
  • The Forecast columns (FC x+y and FC x+y%) will not be visible if “no Forecast” is selected as Version in the PoV area.
Column Description Implementation

Row label

Account shown as localized name

BS Account dimension descendants of a preselected element, implemented with hierarchy filter and data filters.

Area visualization of version

Fill and border style for version

Stylesheet attribute of Version dimension. Note: these border styles are not customizable.


Previous year value

Previous Year element of Version dimension


Budget value

Budget element of Version dimension

FC x+y

Forecast x+y value, the most recent forecast

Displays the element selected in “Version” combobox; if “no Forecast” is selected, this column does not appear.


Data as imported from source system

Input element of Balance Sheet_measure dimension. Only visible if “Show Adjustment” is checked.


Manual Input

Adjustment element of Balance Sheet_measure dimension. Only visible if “Show Adjustment” is checked.


Actual figure

Adjusted element of Balance Sheet_measure dimension


Percentage change of Actual to Previous Year

(ActualPrevious Year) / Previous Year


Percentage change of Actual to Budget

 (ActualBudget) / Budget

ΔFC x+y%

Percentage change of Actual to the most recent forecast version

(ActualForecast) / Forecast

Cell Locking

Data entry is only possible when a single legal entity and the local currency are selected. Cell locking prevents the entry of data in fields that draw on multiple sources.

In the Balance Sheet Model, data entry is generally possible when no other Jedox Models are installed. However, if Jedox’s Profit and Loss model is installed, then cell locking logic will be activated, as the data fields are linked across the Models. 

Every account in the BS Account dimension contains both the PCalculation attribute, which defines the rule that is implemented on the element, and PCalculationDependencies attribute, which defines the source cube of the transferred data. When information is stored in these attributes, cell locking is activated in the planning reports and data cannot be entered.

For example, in the first screenshot below, element 311320 – Total revenue (entry) contains information for PCalculation and PCalculationDependencies. Thus, the planning report will NOT allow values to be written to the database.

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